• Guruji forming a heart with his hands
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    Counting my breath in Amsterdam

    A harbor area in Amsterdam. Not shabby, not yet chic. I am exhausted from walking all the way from my (gorgeous!) hostel, a kingdom for a bike. Tomorrow. I feel a kind of jumpiness, curiosity. Will I be attending a…

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    Be still – and let life live you

    Berlin, 2003. I got an internship at a television news program. As usual during my excursions to journalistic reality at that time, I felt ignored, under-challenged and too shy to speak up. One day, I was asked to help a…

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    Let things simmer

    I simmer. I guess, it is the journey to Bali that made my temperature rise. Like the volcano Gunung Agung that is about to erupt but still hasn’t. Where do I go in life? With my life? Who shows me the…

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    Fine bags make fine birds

    „Oh, are you backpacking?“ Honestly: I never understood this question. People tend to ask it with these eyes wide open and this mixture of astonishment and appreciation in their voices – normally when something a little more exotic than Bavaria…

  • Yvonne im Flugzeug kurz vorm Sprung
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    What has God got to do with this?

    Nothing. At least not yet. For my first post, I felt like I should explain, why I chose this domain name. I am agnostic and the genesis of „Godspeed“ is as random as it could possibly be. Sitting at my…