What has God got to do with this?

Nothing. At least not yet. For my first post, I felt like I should explain, why I chose this domain name. I am agnostic and the genesis of “Godspeed” is as random as it could possibly be. Sitting at my desk aka kitchen table in holy Cologne, embracing a cup of coffee, I thought: What might be a good title for something like a travel blog? I mean, I am probably entering a war zone. Aren’t there all these digital nomads out there, working four hours a week, feet in the sand, the next Caipirinha just a minute away, turning words upside down, giving advice that has been given a million times but still earning a fortune and YOLO-ing their lives? To fail with a certain dignity, Yvonne, chose at least a name that is slightly interesting. In times of big despair, I start to google (the German word “Reise” has approximately 170 million results). Finally, I looked up “Reise” in a dictionary. And there it was. The perfect word jumped right into my face:

godspeed origin

It felt like slipping in a pair of jeans (the seventh pair of jeans you almost didn’t try on because you are so annoyed already) and then, out of the blue: the perfect fit. The internet should tolerate a little bit of “formal” and “old-fashioned”. And I am going away…and yes, success is always good. And I can wish myself “Godspeed”, can’t I? Ok, deal. So, Godspeed it is. I wish I could have told you another story. Something like: “Oh you did not know? That were the last words of Christoph Kolumbus on his deathbed!” – but nope, I can’t.

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